Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Bang SBS Music Show

Big Bang is back! Each member of the group got to perform for the SBS Gayo Daejun music show on December 29, 2008. It started out with Seungri and DaeSung's music drama. Then Tae Yang's piano battle with Junsu. Then it went to TOP and G-Dragon on "The Movement" their hip-hop performance. Then it was Seungri's dance battle with Yunho, Eun Hyuk, JaeBeom, and TaeMin. After that was DaeSung's "Look at me, Gwisoon" performance. Followed by Seungri's performance with WonderBoys2, and Seungri's solo performance "Strong Baby". All 7 performances was great! Check it out!








Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wonder Girls NOT "So Hot"

The Wonder Girls were at B2y 'THE FAN' party on December 18, 2008. The girls were putting on a lip-syncing performance. Already bad enough, the audio engineers played the instrumental version of "So Hot" and embarrassed the girls. Luckily Leader Sun Ye found a way through it by saying they did not have mics. Here's the video!

Big Bang's "Sista"

In February 2009, YG Entertainment is welcoming a new female counter-parts to Big Bang Who will also be known as SISTA. SISTA will be a group of three and including Park Bom as the leader. Park Bom was in videos like "Forever With You" - Big Bang, and "Any Star" - Lee Hyori.

Lee Hyori Rushed To Seoul Samsung Hospital

K-pop singer, Lee Hyori was found unconscious in her home yesterday on December 27, 2008. She was rushed to the Seoul Samsung hospital at around 11pm. The doctors said she was diagnosed with the pneumonia and severe dehydration. She seems to be fine at the moment, but she has to stay at the hospital for at least 10 days to recover. She was going to have a concert with Bi Rain on December 29, 2008, but it is canceled for now. Hope you feel better Hyori!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TVB Series' Songs

The successive of each TVB series is somewhat correlate to their themesong and subsongs. Grand production like Moonlight Resonance has all kind of wonderful subsongs that enhance the series itself. You do not have to understand Chinese to understand the emotion that is express by the songs. I will dedicate this post to all of those who like TVB themesongs or subsongs. Here is a list of my favorite. Enjoy!!
I fell in love with TVB series ever since I was in 1st grade, which is many years ago. I've learned so much from the series, in general about life, love, and friendship. I would dare say that some part of my personality is shaped by the series I've watched.

One of the greatest themesong of all time by Chi Lam Cheung. They played the same song in Moonlight Resonance.

This theme song was written in many language.

This song was played in the series "At the Threshold of an Era" during the scenes when Ada Choi was trying to commit suicide.

Though Don't Blame Her was awesome in the series Revolving Doors of Vengeance, but I like this song so much better.

I do not like the series Perish in the Name of Love, but Steven Ma and Charmaine Sheh did a fantastic job at singing the themesong.

The Whistle in the beginning of this song really touches me. I'd enjoyed every bit of this series.

Return of Condor Heroes, truly a classic.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

TVB Series update

Recently, I've been focusing on my study and have not had the time to watch TV. Unfortunately I fail to do so, because I am so hooked on by The Gem of Life. I was going to let this series pass because it is too long and I thought that it would be one of those grand production that turns out to be absolutely a waste of time to watch (cough...the drive of life). Though this series is different, it caught me in the first chapter. The series start out with Constance(Gigi Lai) moving back to Hong Kong to look for her husband who eventually left her with another woman. She desperately seek for help, but did not want to go to her parents. Caonstance asked her spoiled rich younger sister Jessica(Ada Choi) to lend her some money so she can invest in her husband business, which she finds out later that her husband was already with another woman. The characters of The Gem of Life intertwine with each other in a very unique way that keep making you want to watch it nonstop. Don't worry with you think that I've spoiled the series, the whole thing with Constance and her husband is just the first chapter, there are many more to go

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TVB 2009 Calendar

What I look forward to every year is the tvb calendar. It is the place where all the stars can be at one time. Though, some are prettier than the other, let's break them down. I will only post some of the ones I like and the rest you can check them out at YeinJee's Asian Journal . Asian Fanatics has the whole calendar in 1680x1050 format, good eanough for widescreen wallpaper and print-outs.

This have to be my favorite this year. It is very fun and everyone in it seem to have a very good time. It look believable, especially Bosco, that is why he is in a jumping scene again. The only thing is that I'm not too fond of the way the girls dress.

Everyone in this photo looks happy and warm, and good way to view the Chinese New year.

This one should get you guys talking.

Overall my take for this year is that the photos look like their from catalogs. TVB always have something new, I think that this year the calendar is a lot different that the other years.

Big Bang Baskin Robbins CF

This is Big bang's new CF for Baskin Robbins ice cream. This commercial includes cute scenes of big bang trying to catch little snowmen. ^-^


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Monday, December 1, 2008

Connecting my Life with the White Flame

I think that I'm going through a mid-college crises. First of all, this is my second year in college and I've changed my major like twenty time. My ultimate goal is to become a doctor, but somehow, that feels so far away. Recently I've decided to be a nurse, another career that I can hopefully pave my way into medical school. Maybe being a male nurse isn't that bad at all. You get good salary, and you always be helping people. Hey, Sammul Chan did it in the White Flame, why can't I. Though, their clothes are quite over the top nursing and they made it so easy to become a nurse. Almost all of tvb series' careers are easy to attain, but the truth is that you have to work your butt off for almost everything in life. Will for now, I will try my best to make it into the nursing program and hopefully be able to make it to medical school afterward.