Tuesday, October 7, 2008


He's probably not the hottest guy around, or either the muscular type, but he have abilities that drive us all insane. Guys want to be like him, girls want him, and children look up to him (literally he is like 6ft.) I must say, one of the best TVB actor of all time is Moses Chan. His charming look, comic style, and weird humor at time make the ladies go wild. HOG and MLR showed his ability to dominate the show. His performance on MLR was phenomenal, I saw the first half of the series and he has one of the main male leading role. Moses is well known for his acting skill, being a comedian at one point and then immediately shift back to drama. After many years of acting for TVB, and been part of many TVB best hits, Healing hands, War and beauty, and When the Legends Begin, Moses won best TVB male actor for the first time in 2007. TVB have been really promoting Moses, giving him many leading roles including the upcoming anticipating serie "Gem of Life" which will air really soon.

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