Thursday, October 16, 2008

TVB pretty pretty boys

My friend and I were talking about the series The Four, then she made a funny comment about the crew, calling them "Pretty Boys". What does she means by pretty boys? I decided to make a list of top ten tvb pretty boys and their qualifications.

Pretty boy qualifications;
1. Age range between 18-40
2. Must be able to sing, there are some exceptions to this
3. Must be at least 5'9"
4. Must pose for camera whenever they can
5. Fahsion is their priority
6. Oh yeah, "pretty"

1. Kevin Cheng (Yes ladies, I said it right, he is the king or ppbs)

2. Louis Koo

3. Ron Ng (He almost dresses too nice at time, though he needs a good workout)
4. Sammul Chan (I dislike his acting, due to the fact that he gets the same role over and over again. He was rather annoying in On the first Beat and the Academy.) and Survivor Law I&II
5. Roger Kwok (Its hard to call him pretty boy, and he is not taller than 5'9".)
6. Stephen Huynh (Not good enough to win a tvb award, but good enough to make this chart.)
7. Raymond Lam (Excellent singing.)
8. Bosco Wong (He became a pretty boy ever since he wore that earing.)
9. Steven Ma
10. Lai Lok Yi

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