Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spotlight of the Week; Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Last week spotlight was on Fala, a fairly new actress, this week I would like to kick it old school and talk about one of TVB's greatest star of all time. Probably one of my favorite Hong Kongnese actor of all time is Tony Leung. If you seen his works, then you would know that his acting skill is superb. Many know him from his recent movies like Hero and Infernal Affairs with Andy Lau, but many didn't know that Tony Leung started his career with TVB. Tony began his career as hosts for TVB's children programs in the 1980s, then he was promoted to bigger roles and star in some of tvb's classic hit of all time, Duke of the Mount Deer, and Police Cadet 84. Soon after that he began working with famous directors like Wong kar-wai and stared in many great film. In July of 2008 Tony Leung married to his long love Carina Lau. Though he is not with TVB anymore, but sure enough Tony's legacy when he was in TVB will never be forgotten.

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