Monday, October 13, 2008

TVB Spotlight of the Weekt; Fala Chen

I'm going to try something new, that is to have a spotlight on a tvb star each week. Hopefully this can attract more readers to my first blog.

Fala Chen, I never thought that she would ever have a breakthrough performance, but her character "Wing" in Moonlight Resonance was phenomenal. Fala have played minor roles in many series such as Forensic Heroes, Ultimate Crime Fighter, The Family Link, and A Journey Called Life. She was always portrayed as a glamour woman, trying to climb high due to her beauty and sex appeals. In MR Fala portrayed a character that is death and living in a middle class Hong Khongnese family, this is the other side of Fala that I've never seen before. At first she reminded me of Myolie Wu in Golden Faith, but the more I watches MR the more I see her true talent as an actress. Not only that she've excel in acting, but she also sings as well. For the first time I heard Fala sang "Ice Cream" a subtheme in MR. Her singing is not up to level yet, but still she have potential.
1. Miss asian America 2002
2. Miss Chinese International 1st runner up 2005
3. Graduated with B.A. degree in Marketing and Int. Business at Emory University in Georgia
4. TVB Best Supporting Actress of 2007
5. First TVB debut in Forensic Heroes
6. Age 26, 5'7.5" (1.71m)

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