Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Congratulation to Ha Yu, Michelle Yim, Wayne Lai, Tavia Yeung, Nancy Wu, Wong Cho Lam, Raymond Lam, Louise Lee, and Paul Chun, Myolie Wu. What a deserving award ceremony, all those who won that night deserves to.
  • Again, Raymond came so close, but just couldn't do it this year, better luck next year.
  • Hurray, Wayne Lai finally won something. He is so talented but never gets the the leading role, but finally TVB saw something in him. I still remember watching him in Monkey king, he was my favorite character(The Pig).
  • Tavia should have won best supporting actress in a long time, she is so beautiful and talented, a very deserving winner.
  • Wong Cho Lam is so funny, I hope I get to see him in more series.
  • It is very expected that Michelle would win best actress.
  • Paul Chun is fantastic, he look so kind and nice, a perfect father figure.
  • Congratulation Ha Yu and Nancy Wu.
  • Myolie always dress nice, she have the body, so why not put on some nice clothes.

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