Monday, December 1, 2008

Connecting my Life with the White Flame

I think that I'm going through a mid-college crises. First of all, this is my second year in college and I've changed my major like twenty time. My ultimate goal is to become a doctor, but somehow, that feels so far away. Recently I've decided to be a nurse, another career that I can hopefully pave my way into medical school. Maybe being a male nurse isn't that bad at all. You get good salary, and you always be helping people. Hey, Sammul Chan did it in the White Flame, why can't I. Though, their clothes are quite over the top nursing and they made it so easy to become a nurse. Almost all of tvb series' careers are easy to attain, but the truth is that you have to work your butt off for almost everything in life. Will for now, I will try my best to make it into the nursing program and hopefully be able to make it to medical school afterward.

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