Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Characters Review

I'm almost to the end of MTR and the drama is increasing as it gets closer towards the end. So far I really like Tavia and Fala acting. The more I watch the more I like Fala's character; she did a fine job in MTR. In Tavia barely did anything in HOG except for causing dramas that weren’t necessary. This time in MTR she was on fire, literally on fire. I enjoy watching her character and how she grew from her experiences and how she puts up with all the chaos that Kate Tsui's character gave her. Raymond did an alright job, though he is much sweeter in this series, but I like him better in HOG. Lai Lok Yi was awful in this series; I think that his acting skills have been degraded by his character in MTR. He was boring and was barely in the series until the end. Michelle Yim was wonderful, she should just continue being her character, cause she does a very good job being a villain, I really enjoy watching her. As well as Kate Tsui, this is the first time I saw her evil side and I think I like it. Moses is fun to watch, especially when he is with Tavia. Linda is always so depress with her lover Bosco,” who left her by the way”. It was so sad seeing Bosco left Linda, he was so cold. I can’t wait to see the last few episodes, because I heard that the rating went all the way up to 50 towards the end, which is better that HOG rating of 47.

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