Sunday, December 14, 2008

TVB Series update

Recently, I've been focusing on my study and have not had the time to watch TV. Unfortunately I fail to do so, because I am so hooked on by The Gem of Life. I was going to let this series pass because it is too long and I thought that it would be one of those grand production that turns out to be absolutely a waste of time to watch (cough...the drive of life). Though this series is different, it caught me in the first chapter. The series start out with Constance(Gigi Lai) moving back to Hong Kong to look for her husband who eventually left her with another woman. She desperately seek for help, but did not want to go to her parents. Caonstance asked her spoiled rich younger sister Jessica(Ada Choi) to lend her some money so she can invest in her husband business, which she finds out later that her husband was already with another woman. The characters of The Gem of Life intertwine with each other in a very unique way that keep making you want to watch it nonstop. Don't worry with you think that I've spoiled the series, the whole thing with Constance and her husband is just the first chapter, there are many more to go

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