Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spotlight of the Week; Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Last week spotlight was on Fala, a fairly new actress, this week I would like to kick it old school and talk about one of TVB's greatest star of all time. Probably one of my favorite Hong Kongnese actor of all time is Tony Leung. If you seen his works, then you would know that his acting skill is superb. Many know him from his recent movies like Hero and Infernal Affairs with Andy Lau, but many didn't know that Tony Leung started his career with TVB. Tony began his career as hosts for TVB's children programs in the 1980s, then he was promoted to bigger roles and star in some of tvb's classic hit of all time, Duke of the Mount Deer, and Police Cadet 84. Soon after that he began working with famous directors like Wong kar-wai and stared in many great film. In July of 2008 Tony Leung married to his long love Carina Lau. Though he is not with TVB anymore, but sure enough Tony's legacy when he was in TVB will never be forgotten.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

TVB pretty pretty boys

My friend and I were talking about the series The Four, then she made a funny comment about the crew, calling them "Pretty Boys". What does she means by pretty boys? I decided to make a list of top ten tvb pretty boys and their qualifications.

Pretty boy qualifications;
1. Age range between 18-40
2. Must be able to sing, there are some exceptions to this
3. Must be at least 5'9"
4. Must pose for camera whenever they can
5. Fahsion is their priority
6. Oh yeah, "pretty"

1. Kevin Cheng (Yes ladies, I said it right, he is the king or ppbs)

2. Louis Koo

3. Ron Ng (He almost dresses too nice at time, though he needs a good workout)
4. Sammul Chan (I dislike his acting, due to the fact that he gets the same role over and over again. He was rather annoying in On the first Beat and the Academy.) and Survivor Law I&II
5. Roger Kwok (Its hard to call him pretty boy, and he is not taller than 5'9".)
6. Stephen Huynh (Not good enough to win a tvb award, but good enough to make this chart.)
7. Raymond Lam (Excellent singing.)
8. Bosco Wong (He became a pretty boy ever since he wore that earing.)
9. Steven Ma
10. Lai Lok Yi

Monday, October 13, 2008

TVB Spotlight of the Weekt; Fala Chen

I'm going to try something new, that is to have a spotlight on a tvb star each week. Hopefully this can attract more readers to my first blog.

Fala Chen, I never thought that she would ever have a breakthrough performance, but her character "Wing" in Moonlight Resonance was phenomenal. Fala have played minor roles in many series such as Forensic Heroes, Ultimate Crime Fighter, The Family Link, and A Journey Called Life. She was always portrayed as a glamour woman, trying to climb high due to her beauty and sex appeals. In MR Fala portrayed a character that is death and living in a middle class Hong Khongnese family, this is the other side of Fala that I've never seen before. At first she reminded me of Myolie Wu in Golden Faith, but the more I watches MR the more I see her true talent as an actress. Not only that she've excel in acting, but she also sings as well. For the first time I heard Fala sang "Ice Cream" a subtheme in MR. Her singing is not up to level yet, but still she have potential.
1. Miss asian America 2002
2. Miss Chinese International 1st runner up 2005
3. Graduated with B.A. degree in Marketing and Int. Business at Emory University in Georgia
4. TVB Best Supporting Actress of 2007
5. First TVB debut in Forensic Heroes
6. Age 26, 5'7.5" (1.71m)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


He's probably not the hottest guy around, or either the muscular type, but he have abilities that drive us all insane. Guys want to be like him, girls want him, and children look up to him (literally he is like 6ft.) I must say, one of the best TVB actor of all time is Moses Chan. His charming look, comic style, and weird humor at time make the ladies go wild. HOG and MLR showed his ability to dominate the show. His performance on MLR was phenomenal, I saw the first half of the series and he has one of the main male leading role. Moses is well known for his acting skill, being a comedian at one point and then immediately shift back to drama. After many years of acting for TVB, and been part of many TVB best hits, Healing hands, War and beauty, and When the Legends Begin, Moses won best TVB male actor for the first time in 2007. TVB have been really promoting Moses, giving him many leading roles including the upcoming anticipating serie "Gem of Life" which will air really soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Big bang new album

Big bang is coming out a new album on October 22, 2008. In this album it features the song "Number 1".Check it out the song!
After years of coming out many mini album, they have finally going to release their first full album. The mv "number 1" is awesome, pretty similar to their earlier mv featuring lots of original style dancing, club scenes and a story to go along with. Check it out and support BB by buying their cds.